Pastor Jason

I was born and raised in Hueytown, Alabama. I was also born and raised in the church. I have no memories of any period of my life where the church was not a part of my life. Working in the church in order to minister to other people was part of the pattern of my life. That close connection to the church is also what makes the Gospel of Jesus so precious to me. After years of hearing the Gospel in countless forms and presentations, God broke through all my "churchiness" and gave me Jesus. The Holy Spirit started to combine my life in the church with my new passion for Jesus.


The outcome was ministry.  


God has allowed me to be a youth pastor, youth evangelist, Bible teacher and pastor. The Lord opened up the door for me to earn a B.A. in Religion from Samford and a M. Div from Southern Seminary. I believe that Christianity engages the attentions of our minds as well as the affections of our hearts, so my formal education has been a vital part of my ministry.  


I married my wife Jill in April of 2002. That was the best thing I ever did. She completes me in areas where I didn't even know I was broken in. Passionate about her own areas of ministry, she helps me in almost every facet of what I do, as well as serving as a tireless advocate for children. Adasyn Bowman came along to make Jill and I parents. She is equal parts kind and strong, and her mother and I praise the Lord daily for the honor of being her parents.   


I have been the pastor of Oak Grove since August of 2016 and I am so grateful for the grace that God shows our church on a daily basis. I am constantly striving to have more joy in Jesus .I am fighting so that the people of Oak Grove have joy in Jesus. If you don't have a church home, come be a part of our fantastic faith family.

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